Matthew Stengel

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Rev. Matthew Stengel

I was born in Buffalo, and raised in its suburb of Snyder, close enough to walk to the city line to catch the bus, so we didn't have to pay the suburban fare.  I graduated from Amherst High School (1975), SUNY at Geneseo (1980) and Colgate Rochester Divinity School/Bexley Hall/ Crozer Theological Seminary (as it was then known) (1988). I spent a semester abroad at the Sorbonne in Paris and at the business school of the Paris Chamber of Commerce. I can still speak French.

I worked for a few years as a Paralegal at law firms in Chicago and Rochester. In high school and college, I worked in the kitchens of a bakery, a bar, a diner, and college dining halls. Summers from 1977 to 1980 were spent at Tyrand Cooperative Ministries in Mill Creek, WV as the coordinator of work teams at the mission site.

My wife, the Rev. Dr. Cathy Hall Stengel, is a retired pastor, District Superintendent, and seminary professor. We have 3 adult children, and 3 grandchildren.   I have been a pastor since 1986, and a pastor’s spouse since 1982. Cathy and I served one charge together as co-pastors, but have had separate charges at all the others.

I like woodworking, woodcarving, gardening, and enjoy working on cars (when its not too cold or too much of an emergency).  I like to have the proper tool to do the job, and yet I can make a pocket knife do many things. The work that pastors do day to day often does not show immediate, tangible, results. Like many pastors, I like to have my leisure activities do it instead. So, I coax plants up out of the soil; I cut straight lines in wood; I fix things that are broken.

I believe that God loves us and that we are only able to love God and others because God first loved us (1 John 4: 7-12). I believe that people need to know that before they can accept God's judgment and grace. I believe that faith and good works belong together. I receive Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Savior, but I know that I am called, with all Christians, not to keep it to myself, but to take my personal relationship and make it a public ministry. The public ministry is one of personal piety, stewardship, working for social justice, and caring for all the people God gives us to live with. I believe it matters to God how we act (Matthew 25: 31-46). I believe that God loves us regardless of whether we believe or not, but that God's love calls all to believe, and to love the people that God loves (1 John 4: 19-21). I believe that Christian love is lived out in how we treat other people - people nearby and far away.





Becky Naber

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I know myself as a joyful and redeemed child of God through the incredible grace of Jesus Christ. And it took my husband Eric’s request many years ago that we “marry in a church” for me to return to my childhood faith. I heard my call to ministry in my late thirties. At the time, I thought that God must be kidding or be mistaken. Some five years later, and after we had moved to Springdale, Arkansas for Eric’s job, I started divinity school in Tulsa, OK. Upon returning to Eric’s boyhood hometown of East Aurora some four years later, I transferred and finished my M.Div. at Colgate Rochester Crozer (same place as Pastor Matt).

Now as the Holy Spirit has often done in my life, I have been called to Kenmore UMC. I am so filled with delightful anticipation and energy to meet you all, hear of God’s actions in your stories, and see what wondrous things to which God calls us to do together in making disciples of Jesus Christ.

Yours in Christ,    Rev. Becky Naber

Director of Music

Susan Schuman

A church musician since age 16, Susan Schuman has been Director of Music at Kenmore United Methodist Church since 2018. Susan is a frequent performer in the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra and the Chautauqua Symphony, where she performs on piano, celesta, organ, and harpsichord.  One of the most sought-after accompanists and coaches in the Western New York area, she is known for her work with both instrumental and vocal soloists. Susan has collaborated with faculty and student recitals at Eastman School of Music, Fredonia State College, University at Buffalo, Buffalo State College, and Canisius College’s Formally/Informal Recital Series featuring members of the BPO.  Susan has been accompanist for the prestigious JoAnn Falletta International Guitar Concerto Competition since its inception in 2004.  Susan is a member of the Buffalo Chamber Players and a member of the Buffalo State College Music Faculty as well as maintaining a private piano and coaching studio. A graduate of the University at Buffalo with a degree in piano performance, she has also attended Ithaca College and Harvard University. 

Director KUMC PreSchool

Dawn Stinner

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Office Administrator

Jennifer Johnson

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Jennifer Johnson came to Kenmore in summer of 2020 after 17 years in the college and university system. She has been a member of First United Methodist Church of Buffalo for the past 28 years.

Jennifer is married to Rev. Scott Johnson and has 3 daughters.