Becky Naber


Becky Naber

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I know myself as a joyful and redeemed child of God through the incredible grace of Jesus Christ. And it took my husband Eric’s request many years ago that we “marry in a church” for me to return to my childhood faith. I heard my call to ministry in my late thirties. At the time, I thought that God must be kidding or be mistaken. Some five years later, and after we had moved to Springdale, Arkansas for Eric’s job, I started divinity school in Tulsa, OK. Upon returning to Eric’s boyhood hometown of East Aurora some four years later, I transferred and finished my M.Div. at Colgate Rochester Crozer (same place as Pastor Matt).

Now as the Holy Spirit has often done in my life, I have been called to Kenmore UMC. I am so filled with delightful anticipation and energy to meet you all, hear of God’s actions in your stories, and see what wondrous things to which God calls us to do together in making disciples of Jesus Christ.

Yours in Christ,    Rev. Becky Naber