Pastors Page by Rev. Beckie Sweet

God of Old, daily you are new to us.
Enliven our heavy hearts; refresh us in your Spirit.
Birth us again in newness of mind That we may bear new hope to a dying world.
We ask in the name of Jesus, our born and risen Savior,
And the Spirit that sustains us through the changing times.
Amen. *

What a joy it is to celebrate together the resurrection of our Savior, Jesus Christ, from the dead. We do believe in a God of miracles. We do believe that God can make all things new. We do believe that Jesus loves us to the extreme, for he was willing to sacrifice his life, that we may have new and eternal Life!

We know full well that life on this earth is full of surprises ~ both holy and unholy. Life is laced with challenges and accidents, as well as opportunities for learning and service. Unanticipated challenges often sidetrack our plans for accomplishment and success. And yet, so amazingly, God works through each challenge to grant growth in spirit and wisdom. That growth may then be utilized to benefit the entire community.

During this season of celebrating mothers and fathers, confirmations and graduations, many folks will experience a whole range of emotions. Sometimes we are missing loved ones with whom we wish we could share more time. At other times, we celebrate the love and nurture of those who have guided our maturation in meaningful ways. Also powerful are the emotions surrounding an anticipated change: young ones going off to college or beginning new employment; or even the impending passing of a beloved mentor.

Friends, we know a Spirit who sustains us through these changing times. Rather than erasing the change, the Spirit gives us the wisdom and strength to shift our expectations, find joy and fulfillment in new ways, and recognize new life where we least expected it! May we, on this journey together, seek God’s guidance in embracing each new stage of living, that our focus may be on anticipating each new adventure.

~ Rev. Beckie Sweet

* By Nancy A. Johnson, in Courageous Spirit: Voices from Women in Ministry, Nashville: Upper Room Books, ©2005



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