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As a young adult, I longed to have a child. I felt God had created me to be a mother.
But as pregnancies ended in miscarriage, and as relationships became strained, I wondered why my concept of personal fulfillment was not coming to fruition. It was only after what seemed like an eternity of waiting for the alignment of relationships and medical advances that I was able to carry a pregnancy to term, and we were able to welcome our first child, Paul. The blessing of this child and the opportunity to be a mother seemed so much more precious to me because I had yearned for it for so long.

The prophets of old told the people of Israel that God had promised to send a Messiah. This Messiah would be the one to deliver the people of God from their misery and despair. With this promise, the faithful ones waited, for generation after generation, for century after century. So many lived and died without seeing this promise fulfilled, that hope became thin as the misery of life seemed to grow more intense.

Imagine, just imagine, those who held onto faith in God's promise being confronted by God's messenger -an angel, or a whole host of angels! "Do not be afraid," the message would begin. For there was much to fear. But these angels were announcing that the time had come for the fulfillment of God's promise. A child would be born who would be the light to the nations, called: Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace!! The angels continued to confront humanity's fears and announce that God had sent a Savior to the world.

Now, I know how amazingly awesome it felt to welcome a child after a decade of waiting. Imagine the
people of Israel hearing of the birth of the Christ Child after waiting for more than six hundred years!! What joy! What holy elation!

As we prepare to again celebrate the birth of Christ, may our fears be replaced with promises fulfilled, and
our divisions be healed by the One who came to give us the peace that passes our understanding. We are certainly in need of the life-transformation that only the Messiah of God can bring to the world! Rev. Beckie Sweet

~ Rev. Beckie Sweet

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