Greetings in the name of our Savior, Jesus Christ! God's works are amazing! I have seen that over and over again as I have been preparing to become your senior pastor. From the gracious welcome and accommodations of Pastor Daven Oskvig, Deacon Bonnie LeValley, and all of the church staff, to the hospitality of the SPRC and the Trustees, I have seen God at work. I have been uplifting the Kenmore UMC congregation in prayer, and so many of you have reached out to offer notes of welcome and assurances of prayer support. What a blessing! And the time has finally come when we have the opportunity to be in ministry and mission together. Thanks be to God! I am hoping to focus much time getting to know you this summer and fall.

You will soon hear about Kenmore UMC Front Porch Fellowship gatherings being scheduled. These will be small group gatherings which will allow us to get acquainted on a more personal level. I am calling them Front Porch Fellowship gatherings because so many of our personal and family transitions take place on the front porches of our lives and homes: saying goodbye to a loved one, welcoming a guest or new family member, entertaining the saints we have yet to know, and glad reunions. Receiving a new senior pastor is also a big transition for the church! I hope you will attend one of these Front Porch Fellowship gatherings so that I will have an opportunity to begin to listen to your faith story. During these gatherings we will focus on three conversation areas:

1. Describe how a ministry of Kenmore UMC has nurtured a growing faith for you. 2. How might you envision Kenmore UMC ministries connecting faith and life in our community and world in the future? And,

3. What questions do you have for me? I pray that our mutual ministry will be fruitful as together we seek " wise minds and spirits attuned to God's will." I can hardly wait to witness God's amazing works among us in the months to come!  

Rev. Beckie Sweet

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