I am so glad to be getting acquainted with Kenmore UMC families! What an amazing community
of faithful Jesus-followers who love to worship and learn together, and put faith into action reaching out to persons and groups in need around us! This is a community of faith in which we have a wonderful supply of Christian mentors, volunteers, teachers, and visionaries. Thanks be to God.

Many in our church family have taken the opportunity this summer to travel, enjoy vacation, visit
family and friends, and enjoy special worship opportunities in sacred places. We give thanks for summer time blessings. And now that the fall season is about to begin, I extend a special invitation for you and your family to COME HOME TO KENMORE UMC! Many of our ministries are starting up within a couple of weeks: Sunday School, Nursery School, United Methodist Women, Youth Group, Choir, Carillon Ringers, King’s Kids (children’s choir) and so much more! We are continuing the Front Porch Fellowship Gatherings as a time to get acquainted in small group settings. And, we are re-engaging with an intentional visioning process as we endeavor to follow the Holy Spirit and keep the ministries of Kenmore UMC relevant. Some of us are very concerned because these are particularly troubling times!
With the rhetoric between world leaders escalating, clashes with white supremacists on the rise, and incidents of overuse of harmful substances claiming the lives of loved ones, FRIENDS, WE NEED CHRIST AND THE CHURCH! Come home to Kenmore UMC! Our worship in the next five weeks will center around Jesus’ invitation to “Come to the Table.” After hearing Jesus’ invitation on Communion Sunday, we will focus for the next four weeks on coming to the table of Jesus’ love, peace, grace, and joy. Jesus is waiting to welcome us with an embrace that comforts us, and inspires and enriches our discipleship. I hope to see you soon as you COME HOME TO JESUS!

~ Rev. Beckie Sweet

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