From Rev. Becky Naber

“and my God will supply all your needs according to His riches
in glory in Christ Jesus”
- Philippians 4:19

What if there is an unending abundance of all we need? Would that strengthen our resolve, deepen our experience of God, and enhance the joy of outreach and mission in the church? As the recent Winter Solstice promises longer days of light, a very common multi-cultural occurrence is to reflect on the year past and make plans for self improvements for the year ahead. We call these “New Year’s resolutions.” Eliciting a spirit of abundance over scarcity is my growing edge. Mind you, I’m not referring to a scarcity of food, or good health, or love. God has blessed me with all that I need and more. Rather, I’m referring to my feelings of reservation, instead of fully and confidently relying on God’s provision. Such is my opportunity for spiritual growth in 2022.

As Christians, our spirit of abundance effects our ministerial actions. Over the last year, COVID has accelerated our collective anxiety over scarcity, especially in the church. Resource shortages aren’t new to mainline denominations. The Pew Research Center has noted the impact of decreased attendance and giving on church budgets. We too, at KUMC, are experiencing loss --loss of beloved members in their passing, declines in attendance over COVID fears, and the loss of welcoming new faces, especially among the younger generations.

But God’s love and provision of grace is never at a loss. It’s a constant outpouring, a never-ending and ceaseless stream of love that continuously flows to fulfill the Lord’s intention for creation. Yet as humans, we confuse our economy of value (time, money, and resources) with God’s grace. Divine love is abundantly relational; it’s neither transactional nor available on a limited exchange. God is always enough. Thereby, the threat of scarcity that has invaded our national and spiritual psyches is normal and can be overcome through faith. God has, is, and always will provide what is needed to reconcile all creation through Jesus Christ.

My resolution for 2022 has everything to do with the generous spirit of KUMC. You inspire me as individuals and as a church who functions with the confidence of God’s abundance; your faithful generosity towards one another and your neighbors gives me great hope for transforming our changing and challenging world in Jesus’ name. So I resolve to lean forward into all that God is doing at KUMC, trusting in the Lord’s abundant love and grace for our future together.

            Leaning forward in Christ,

                                  Pastor Becky

A Reminder from Rev. Gail Lewis:

HI folks! With slippery leaves about to cover sidewalks, and rain coming who knows when, and snow and ice, I just want to remind you of some things I was thinking about for myself:
*Have a walker, cane, wheelchair? USE IT!
*Got a ladder? DON’T use it…
*Difficult to see after dark? DON’T drive after dark
*Want to save on natural gas? DOUBLE check that burners are off…
*Same for the iron (Who irons anymore?)
*Snow falling? DON’T SHOVEL, it will melt eventually…, or hire someone else.
*Lonely? CALL a friend - or me! (716)984-1140 (After October 24 we will be required to use area code in every call.)
*House too quiet? TURN ON some music!
*Hard to read anymore? ADJUST: Large print or books on tape, also try cleaning your glasses!
*Bored? TRY a new recipe, a puzzle, or the history channel
*Miss your grandkids? CALL or TEXT them (they shouldn’t always have to call you.)
*Think God has left you? THINK again.
*Can’t sleep? “GIVE IT TO GOD and go to sleep.” A mantra, repeat as needed
*Need help with something? ASK.

*Just a few thoughts that all of us seniors should think about. Add your own!


~Pastor Gail