From Becky Naber & Gail Lewis

I am about to do a new thing:
now it springs forth, do you not perceive it?
I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.
~ Isaiah 43:19

God is always doing a new thing in creation. Sometimes those new things go unnoticed, and sometimes they consist of such dramatic change that they clearly unfold before our eyes. I rejoice in God’s new realities in my life, particularly my new appointment as Pastor of Discipleship and Outreach at KUMC. Leaving my full-time appointment at Hospice Buffalo after five years and my secondary appointment as a Deacon at Baker UMC in East Aurora after my leadership there for twenty-six years has landed me on a rapid path of discovery. I am thoroughly enjoying this time of newness in meeting new faces, hearing of new stories, and participating in new in-person ministries. 

God’s grace renews us. For many, the heaviness of COVID has taken a toll on well being. Our spirits crave renewal as we long for freshness in our lives. Returning to in-person worship, Sunday school, Youth and Children’s ministries, and general fellowship brings forth new opportunities for restoration by the Holy Spirit in community.

Launching new ministries and renewing those of the past brings an atmosphere of excitement to our fellowship. I celebrate the launch of KUMC’s Food Pantry, the promise of new memory making in October at the Women’s Retreat in Chautauqua, and the anticipation of restoring order to the lives of those suffering loss through next month’s trip to Mission Central in Mechanicsburg, PA. These are just a few of the many ways that God’s renewal through Jesus Christ is springing forth at KUMC.

Do you perceive the feeling of renewal in the air? God is a way maker, promise keeper, and the bestower of blessings upon us every day. And God is on the move making a way through the wilderness and stirring up the waters across the desertedness of COVID isolation. While we continue to practice COVID protocols, God is creating a new normal for us as individuals and as a community. My husband, Eric, and I are delighted to be joining with the Kenmore UM Church as God restores, refreshes, and brings forth newness in our lives with you. So let us rejoice together in God’s actions of love and healing through Jesus Christ, our Lord!!

With joyful anticipation,

Pastor Becky

HI folks! With slippery leaves about to cover sidewalks, and rain coming who knows when, I just want to remind you of some things I was thinking about for myself:
*Have a walker, cane, wheelchair? USE IT!
*Got a ladder? DON’T use it…
*Difficult to see after dark? DON’T drive after dark
*Want to save on natural gas? DOUBLE check that burners are off…
*Same for the iron (Who irons anymore?)
*Snow falling? DON’T SHOVEL, it will melt eventually…, or hire someone else.
*Lonely? CALL a friend - or me! (716)984-1140 (After October 24 we will be required to use area code in every call.)
*House too quiet? TURN ON some music!
*Hard to read anymore? ADJUST: Large print or books on tape, also try cleaning your glasses!
*Bored? TRY a new recipe, a puzzle, or the history channel
*Miss your grandkids? CALL or TEXT them (they shouldn’t always have to call you.)
*Think God has left you? THINK again.
*Can’t sleep? “GIVE IT TO GOD and go to sleep.” A mantra, repeat as needed
*Need help with something? ASK.

*Just a few thoughts that all of us seniors should think about. Add your own!


~Pastor Gail