Pastoral Associate's Page

Friends on the Journey,  
As we enter a season of celebrations, (Mother’s, Father’s Day, Children’s Day and Graduations) I am aware of the blessed God-given gift, life is. We are gifted with lives that include joy and struggle, gain and loss, health and weakness.  We have but one life to live and God calls us to live with the joy of the Lord.
This gift came into focus, once again following the funeral of a dear friend. Doris and I sang together in chancel choir at a former church. We shared so much joy in offering our praise to God through song and laughter in the midst of life.  During her celebration of life the following passage was shared from her grandmother’s devotional “Thoughts for a Quiet Hour” written in 1899. This devotion spoke to me in the depth of my being and I wanted to share it with you! May we all share our life in the fullness of the joy God intends for all God’s children.    Blessings   Bonnie LeValley 

“Remember your life is to be a singing life. This world is a grand cathedral for you. You are to be one of God’s choristers, and there is to be a continual Eucharistic sacrifice of praise and thanksgiving going up from your heart, with which God shall be continually well pleased.  And, there should be not only the offering of the lips, but the surrender of life with joy.  Yes, with joy and not with constraint.  Every faculty of our nature should be presented to Him in gladsome service, for the Lord is my song as well as my strength.” 


Julian Treasure shared this tool in his Ted Talk on “Listening”.  
“Here is an acronym you can use in listening;  RASA, which stands for:    
“Receive” which means pay attention to the person (to God);  
“Appreciate” making little noises like "hmm," "oh," "OK";  
“Summarize” the word "so" is very important in communication; and  
“Ask” ask questions afterwards.”