Deacons Note

Spirit of Adoption by Steve Garnaas-Holmes
You did not receive a spirit of slavery to fall back into fear, but you have received a spirit of adoption.
 —Romans 8.15

You, have a Word to speak, a song to sing, word of yourself, song of God.
The stage awaits you.
What are you afraid of? They won't like your word? So?
Their likes, hidden from you, are already different from yours.
You aren't a slave to their likes. You only imagine those chains.
You fear they won't like you. You'll be all alone, unloved.
Child, you are already adopted: chosen, belonging, beloved.
What can they do to that? Remember whose you are and sing.

Dear friends on the faith journey,

We are about to enter a season of becoming! The earth is awakening and emerging from the darkness of winter! We celebrate those roles we have embraced as: mothers & fathers, teachers, graduates and children, service men and women. We celebrate all of God’s creation!
As we awaken to this new season of life, may we always remember that in all of life we are God’s: adopted, chosen, and beloved. With this assurance may our lives blossom to the fullness of children of God. The world may not appreciate our voice but God will be glorified and we must sing of God’s glory!

Deacon Bonnie LeValley