Stewardship and Finance

Stewardship and Finance

2016 Stewardship Campaign

Over the past four weeks we have heard from members across all generations at KUMC who have shared their thoughts surrounding generosity. They have expressed what they understand it means to be generous, how they can be generous, and why it’s important. We see that as we grow over a lifetime we become more deeply connected to God and to one another. We now are

asking you, in your own way, to share your response through a commitment of stewardship so that KUMC can continue its mission and ministry.

Our pledges and financial commitments are far more than a commitment of money. Our giving of time, talents, gifts, service and witness is an active embodiment of what we pray for in the

Lord’s Prayer. They are an expression of our connection to and our desire to reflect a God that gives. It becomes a direct way in which we express our highest ideals and hopes. It is through this giving that we are able to continue with the mission and ministries of this wonderful church community that God calls us to be a part of. Prayerfully consider what generosity and giving

means to you and your faith life. Fill out and return the enclosed pledge card as an expression, a connection, and a hope of that faith.

Watch our Stewardship videos on Generosity with different groups at Kenmore UMC.

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