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February 5 Attraction & Lust Song of Solomon 1:2-4a, 9-11, 15-16

February 12 Commitment & Consummation Song of Solomon 4:1-7, 9-16

February 19 Staying in Love Song of Solomon 7:1-5

February 26 Defined By Love Song of Solomon 7:10-13, 8:6-7

 Song of Solomon

The book Song of Songs (also known as the Song of Solomon) contains love poems, or songs, of Israel. Often attributed to King Solomon, the author is not known and the poetry may come from several sources developing over a long period of time before being consolidated into one book. There are two main speakers in this eight chapter book, a man and a woman. Throughout the eight chapters a delicate mood of love and devotion is sustained. The woman and the man express their love for each other in poems that reflect desire, admiration, and boasting. Perhaps originally used in weddings, they underscore important values (mutuality and fidelity in love) and speak of marriage as it ought to be. Another level of their meaning is also present: the love between God and God's people. In this regard, the main characters are The Lord and Israel, or Christ and the Church or the individual soul. To this end, monogamous marriage is the norm for depicting the covenant relationship between God and God's people throughout Scripture. Human love becomes a good teaching device to cast light on divine love. As earth is to come to reflect heaven, so human love can reflect the passion and love God has for creation




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