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 Kenmore United Methodist Church

1. New hot water tank for kitchen dishwasher
    Our current hot water tank is very old and      needs replacing.  Estimated cost for tank        and installation is $----.--

2. Parking Lot Reseal & Restriping.
    In order to keep our parking lot maintained      to make it last a long time we need to            reseal and restripe it periodically.  The            estimated cost for this is $---.--.

3.  Electronic Sign for Front Lawn
     A new electronic sign on our front lawn is       desired in order to better let our                     neighbors know what we have going on in         our church.  We can program it to make it       change frequently, as well as change the         message from inside the church. 
     The estimated cost for this is $--,---.--.


Donate via secure PayPal using the button below.  This will accept Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover and PayPal. 


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  • Donations may be placed in the offering plate or sent to the church office. Please include what it should be used for in the memo line
  • Donations may be made using credit cards through PayPal on our Website,

As you make your donation, we also invite you to fill out one of our dedication cards to devote your contribution “in memory of” or “in honor of” your Loved One. Cards are on our webpage and also in the back of the Sanctuary and the Library.