Kenmore United Methodist Church Family Life Center

Here's what's going on with the Gym Renovation
and Campaign to Transform our new Family Life Center

Volleyball, Nursery School, Rummage Sales, Pancake Suppers, Advent Fairs, Pageants, Potluck suppers, Coffee Houses, Craft Shows, Juggling, Basketball, Chicken BBQ Dinners, Meet 'N Mingles, Retirement Parties, Plays, Wedding Showers, Movies, Antique Shows, Fall Festivals, Stewardship Celebrations, Proms. and Dances.

What do all those things have in common?


These are all events held in the Kenmore United Methodist Church gym.  Now we are working to transform it into a Family Life Center to bring it up to date, make it more functional and create new memories.  See below for more information about what we're doing.
By the way, what memories do you have of the Kenmore United Methodist gym?  Please share them on Facebook, we'd love to hear them!

Family Life Center

Our Gym Renovation will transform our gym into a Family Life Center

October 19, 2014
The Family Life Center construction is complete.  Children, youth and adults are already enjoying it. Still to be installed, is our new sound system and stage curtains. Fund raising is going well, but we are still short of our goal, since the costs are greater than we had hoped. Now is the time to make your contribution, or even add to what you have already given. Thanks to all who have
contributed. We look forward to attaining our
goal & celebrating the full completion of our
Family Life Center.

September 28, 2014

Our contractor, Telco Construction, is nearing completion of their part with the installation of the acoustic wall panels and flooring. Fund raising is going well, but we are still short of our goal, since costs are greater than we had hoped.  If you haven't already, now is the time to make your contribution, or even add to what you have already give.  Thank you to ALL who have contributed to this project.  We look forward to attaining our goal and celebrate the completion of our newly transformed Family Life Center!

Together we will create a gathering place to strengthen, extend and celebrate our faith!

Check out this peak of what the gym looked like during the 1980's and what it will look like when the transformation is complete,

Before and After_Family Life Center







We need your help in order to make this happen!

How can you help?

By making a pledge to the Family Life Center Renovation Campaign. You can use the Link thru Pay Pal in the next column or click on the link below to open up and download a pledge form to send to the church.

How Are We Doing?  


  Gym Renovation

250 for $250 Campaign

All this will be possible through everyone’s generous giving alongside a wonderful gift given for this renovation 25 years ago that was invested and now is worth $30,000 and $10,000 from another earlier gift. The cost of this wonderful renovation will be $100,000. Along with the money’s that have already been donated, we will need to raise an additional $60,000 to complete our Family Life Center. We can raise these funds through 250 gifts of $250. The good news is we already have 110 of these $250 units in cash and pledges. We have donation cards and envelopes available for everyone in the church office, and in our sanctuary, to make their donation to cover the final 140 units needed.

Everyone is invited to contribute as many units as you would like “in honor of” or “in memory of” loved ones. Each unit given in this way will have their name on a plaque. Other gifts will be noted in an accompanying booklet. If you have questions about any of this please contact Rev. LeValley. We will need to have pledges paid by mid-September in order to cover the cost of the renovation.

I am also inviting any of our alumnae from our youth groups, nursery school and adult programs to be a part of this enhancement of our facilities that enrich their faith life in years past. If you know of such persons please let them know how we are improving the gym that I, and so many others, enjoyed during the days of our youth and all the children and others who enjoyed it. We all look forward to this wonderful enhancement of our facilities.


Pastor Peter LeValley,

Youth Group alumnae ’68 to’70, Associate Pastor ‘80 to ’83 and, Senior Pastor 2006 –present.


Donate via secure PayPal using the button below.  This will accept Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover and PayPal. 


Download the form below and mail it in with your check.



  • Donations may be placed in the offering plate or sent to the church office. Please include “Family Life Center” in memo line
  • Donations may be made using credit cards through PayPal on our Website,

Select the “Family Life Center” button along the top of the site, to our Family Life Center page and click on the button to donate online!

As you make your donation, we also invite you to fill out one of our dedication cards to devote your contribution “in memory of” or “in honor of” your Loved One. Cards are on our webpage and also in the back of the Sanctuary and the Library.