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Note from your Finance Team:

Finance Update Through August

                                               Income         Expenses
YTD – 2018                           $337,195      $354,057
Budgeted - 2018                     $345,266     $360,982
Excess Income/Expenses -    ($16,862)

Offering Income    $186,814
Budget                    $177,560

 Good Stewardship Indicates a Grateful Heart 
Involves Giving Thanks

When I think of Thanksgiving the holiday, it fills me with images of autumn leaves and a table overflowing with the abundance of God. It fills me with peace and happiness and love. It fills me with gratitude and a desire to share my blessings with others as a way of acknowledging that our Loving Father meets all our needs. Glenn Taibl of Grace Episcopal Church in Traverse City Michigan said it like this:

“Thanksgiving invites us to take a good look at the time that has been given to us as we search for ways to use time wisely because it is such a precious, God-given gift. Thanksgiving changes the way we do the offering on Sunday as we offer up the time we’ve spent with our children and grandchildren or the talents we have used in pursuing the gifts of vocation. Thanksgiving can’t wait to tell God what we’ve done with the treasure we have received, and thanksgiving invites us to offer it all back to God as gift with a clear understanding of where it came from and what, in God’s name, it is intended to do.”

- Excerpt from “Thanksgiving, Trust and Transformation: the [new] three T’s of Stewardship” (April 2014)





Please include in the Notes when using PayPal where you would like your donation to be directed, if different from the Current Expenses.

Current Expenses:
Includes Worship, Sunday school, Children & Youth Ministries and Staff Compensation.

Capital Fund:
This fund is used to make capital improvements to the church buildings and property as necessary and overseen by our Board of Trustees.

Memorial Fund:
Make a donation to this fund in memory of or in honor of someone.  Be sure to include in the Notes who it is you'd like to honor or remember.

Advance giving for special Sundays, Mission projects, etc.


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