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Note from your Finance Team:

Finance Update Through September

                                               Income         Expenses
YTD – 2018                           $391,513      $399,554
Budgeted - 2018                     $392,348     $410,208
Excess Income/Expenses -    ($8,041)

Offering Income    $213,826
Budget                    $201,773

 What Birthday Gift For The Lord? 

Have you decided what you are giving the Lord for His birthday this year?  Everybody else on the Christmas list may be checked off, but what do you give to the One Who REALLY "has everything"?
Think about it.  God doesn't need any of the stuff we can give Him, and yet throughout the Bible He repeatedly asks for offerings, and not just any offerings but the very best we have to give.  Why?  If He wants something can't He just take it?
Of course he can, but He asks because what He really wants is our obedience and sacrifice and respect.  King David understood this concept when he said "I will not give my God that which cost me nothing (2 Samuel 24).  After all, God is a giver and we are made in his image, so that's the attitude we should all be trying to emulate.  We should LOOK for opportunities to give, and our giving should not be done thoughtlessly but with intention and appreciation for what we ourselves have been given.

So... what are you giving the Lord this year?





We are using the PayPal Giving Fund so that 100% of your donation comes to the church with no transaction fees. 

If you would like to direct your donation to anything other than the Current Expenses General Fund, please send an email to our bookkeeper as to where you would like your donation to be directed.

Current Expenses:
Includes Worship, Sunday school, Children & Youth Ministries and Staff Compensation.

Capital Fund:
This fund is used to make capital improvements to the church buildings and property as necessary and overseen by our Board of Trustees.

Memorial Fund Giving:
The Memorial Team is encouraging everyone to consider making a contribution to the Memorial Fund in memory of a loved one, for example at Christmas time or at a loved ones birthday.  The Memorial Team is seeking to increase the Memorial Fund so as to help in the purchase of needs for the church. In this way the memory of those departed can be continued for the future of our church. 

Advance giving for special Sundays, Mission projects, etc.


Donate via secure PayPal using the link below.  This will accept Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover and PayPal

PayPal Giving Fund Link